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How do I know God is calling me to be a Patrist?

  1. If what you have read thus far touches you or strikes a chord in your heart, then perhaps God is calling you to this way of life.
  2. Then again, if you feel you want to love God the Father like Jesus did and make Him the centre and focus of your life like Jesus, and give your life to Him like Jesus did, then perhaps God is calling you to be a Patrist.

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Who can be a Patrist?
A male/female member of Christ’s faithful who has completed the 17th year of age (Canon 643#1) and who is not prohibited by Catholic Church may become a member of the Patrist Society of the Sons / Daughters of God the Father by making his/her First Vows in the said Society.

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Contact our Vocations Director

Sons of the Father - Br Vijaya Gummalla

Daughters of the Father - Sr Jan Rebutazo

Vocations :frdouggie@yahoo.com

Email : patristsociety@yahoo.com

Telephone : (+618) 9250 5395

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Admission Process
The process of becoming a member is as follows:

A person becomes an aspirant when he/she has submitted a letter to the Vocation Director/Directress stating his/her intention of wanting to become a Patrist. A letter of acceptance or rejection will be served to the Candidate. The aspirancy will be done outside the Formation House.

The period of the Pre-Novitiate follows the Aspirancy. During this period the pre-novice goes through a spiritual programme which tests the suitability of the Candidate to enter the Novitiate. It is done in the Formation house and can last between 3 – 6 months.

The period of the Novitiate is at least one full year (365 days without interruption) and maybe extended for another year (non-canonical) in some cases. Canons 641 – 645 and 648 will be followed with regard to Admission to the Novitiate. At the end of the Novitiate the Novice will be invited to make his/her first vows if judged suitable or may be asked to leave the Novitiate.

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Profession of Vows
Private Profession of the simple vows of the evangelical counsel of Chastity, evangelical counsel of Poverty and evangelical counsel of Obedience is made according to the formula of the Patrist Society.

At the end of the Novitiate, the Novice will pronounce the three Vows in keeping with the Formula of the Society and be permitted to wear the habit of the Society, and be addressed as Brother/Sister. These vows will be perpetual from the Patrist’s part, with no renewal. At the end of seven years, if the member is found suitable by the competent Superior in accordance with the rule of the Society, these vows will be finalized from the Society’s part.   If the competent Superior discerns it necessary, this can also be delayed for one or two more years.

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After pronouncing the First Vows, the Patrist may now be permitted by the Superior to enter a Seminary for Studies for the Patrist Priesthood or may choose to remain a Patrist Brother. 

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